! So excited that it’s almost time for Neo-Japan to open!

Here are just a a few of the amazeballs things you can find there in this round and I WILL NOT apologise for overuse of exclamation marks, it’s all so exciting!

The Kumi outfit by AYO is so shiny and blooming gorgeous with the most delicious colours…did I mention how beautifully shiny it was? I just wanna stroke it! The matching katana comes with the coolest animations and static poses. The hair by Ayashi makes me feel like a badass and comes in the most fun colours for both hair and the lace options and the Trinity stomper shoes are freaking awesome. I have spent far too long staring at my RL puppy wondering whether he would like to be in a cute cardboard box like the Danbo Puppy by solares…I think the answer is no so I shall forever have this pup in SL as my cute box friend. The backdrop by Beaded Guy is amazing, with the MOST exquisite details and use of materials. Last but IN NO WAY LEAST is the Spirit Powers effects by Moon Rabbit. Pictures DO NOT do this justice so I will add a video also BUT OMG, THIS IS SO FUN! I will Dash Jump and channel the power of Spirits and/or Thor for the rest of my SLife!

▶ Credits ◀

outfit | Kumi Jacket, Short and Belt (Fatpack, worn on Kupra) created by AYO.

katana | Kumi Katana (comes with the coolest animations and static poses) created by AYO.

hair | Hayato created by ^.^Ayashi^.^.

shoes | Trinity Stompers (Blogger pack, worn on Kupra) created by L’Emporio&PL.

box dog | Danbo Puppy created by solares.

special effects | Spirit Powers (Fatpack) created by Moon Rabbit.

backdrop | Kyoto Roof created by The Bearded Guy.


Go to Neo-Japan

Opens today at 12pm SLT! BE READY!


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