:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER ArmTech (red) NEO-Japan SL
:::SOLE::: TIME Backpack (Black)NEO-Japan SL
:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Head Gear (black) NEO-Japan SL
:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER  Nip protec NEO-Japan SL
*Tentacio & blackjack* Ryu  full body Black NEO-Japan SL
*Tentacio & blackjack* Ryu half body Black NEO-Japan SL
*Tentacio & blackjack* Ryu  mask black NEO-Japan SL
*Tentacio & blackjack* Ryu  sneaker black NEO-Japan SL
-ATTIC- Neo Kitsune Hood Red NEO-Japan SL
[Cynful] Bombshell Top – Black
Tableau Vivant // Hideaki hair  NEO-Japan SL
MINIMAL – Hiyaka Cyberpunk Building NEO-Japan SL
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