– Outfit –

Daruma: silver {( konpeitou )} MADOWASE daruma (rez
Clogs: pink {( konpeitou )} KYOU-WAKU neon daruma clogs (mait high

☑ The Seasons Story Spring 2018 Coming Soon April 10 ~ )
Dress: MIWAS /  Cheongsam #Fatpack Pure

Eyelashes: Wednesday[+] ~ Cat’s Eyelashes
Blush: UniCult – Spring Blush Flower 
Eye shadow: UniCult – Day N’ Night Pink

☑ The Secret Hideout
Eyes: [CX] Uni Eyes B Pack [CATWA ONLY] ‘ CerberusXing

Nails: :Moon Amore: Mystic Star / Glow Nail Art / (Rose) ( Gacha )
Hair: nani / miwako hair [pack A]
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Hearts Burst Into Fire 41

‐ Decoration –

Lantern: {anc} hanami lantern (white)

House: 1 [MB] BASARA Building RARE (LI 27) ‘ Monkey Banana
Floor: 2 [MB] BASARA Floor (animated)
Light: 14 [MB] BASARA Light (touch)

Tree: arden by anc “harugasumi” SAKURAtree{mixpinkB}
Grass: LB_WildGrass.v1{FatPack}_Box ‘ Little Branch


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