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[ – Outfit – ]
Helmet: :::SOLE::: STD-P Helmet (Black)
Collar: :::SOLE::: STD-P Collar (Black)
Shoulder: :::SOLE::: STD-P AP tech (Black-B) (Top)
Upper Arm: :::SOLE::: STD-P AP tech (Black) (Bottom)
Arm: :::SOLE::: STD-P LArm (Black)
Belt: :::SOLE::: STD-P Ribs Belt (Black)
Crotch: :::SOLE::: STD-P Crotch (Black)
Thighs: :::SOLE::: STD-P L-tech (Black)
Knee: :::SOLE::: STD-P Knee pad (Black)

Gloves: ANTINATURAL[+] Deathracer / Driving Glove / MAITREYA / RARE

[ – Decoration – ]
Background: Tokyo By Night 2049 *RARE* – Mada Koko –  The Bearded Guy
Bike: ANTINATURAL[+] Deathracer / Speed Demon RARE
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