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[ – Outfit – ]
Outfit: Insomnia Angel . latex sailor
Leg: [ContraptioN] FL-33T Runner Prosthetic Leg
Katana: ::GB:: Cyber Ashura Katana Belt (Yellow green)  Giralt @Gacha
Hair: [monso] Ryo Hair
Skull: v2{-Maru Kado-} Metallic skull minion (Animesh)

Mask: VRSION SLS12 Mask with Horn PP
Finger: Mug – Raja Finger Armor

[ – Decoration – ]
☑ Gacha
Building: MINIMAL – Hijikata Building RARE
Box: MINIMAL – Hijikata Screw Box 07
Bench: MINIMAL – Hijikata Workbench 01
Bench: MINIMAL – Hijikata Workbench 03
Speakers: 15-18:BOILDEGG CYBER JINJYA Speakers

☑ Gacha
Pole: PIRAYA&TROPIX – Cyber City Gacha –  light pole
Building: PIRAYA&TROPIX – Cyber City Gacha – big building RARE
Can: PIRAYA&TROPIX – Cyber City Gacha – barrels 01
Ramen: -ATTIC- Neo Cup Ramen

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