In a few days time on the 25th of this Month, Neo Japan will open its doors to the public of SL!. Just look at the cool stuff you can grab. This stunning backdrop is by K&S and its so sharp and cool!. Then we have this really smart jacket by Hotdog, You can change the color of the sleeves and collar, and the main part seperately. Next we have another stunning hairstyle by Dura, with the usual color packs and three different styles included. Evil Baby will bring out this truly amazing Lotus shaped umbrella. It has several changing color parts via a HUD and it flashes intermitantly. I thought it looked like it could rotate and be used as some kinda short-distance carrying device, hence my avi in the air, to get himself to work a bit quicker xD. Elsewhere, My new Sponsors – Nebur Cyborg- , bought out this really cool spine attachement that has several smooth anims, a HUD to change the colors of several parts and a lovely attention to detail. Thats at Cyber Fair BUT not for long so you best get there. 


Teleport to Cyber Fair

Teleport to Neo Japan ( NOT OPEN TILL 25TH!)




 K&S – Safety Zone Backdrop ( Neo Japan March ’23)


Evil Baby – Digital Lotus ( Neo Japan March ’23)
           BAMSE – Solo/Case ( Gatcha Item) 



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Hair: DURA – B129 (Neo Japan March ’23)

Spine/Tail: Nebur Cyborg – Nebur Exser Spine ( Cyber Fair march ’23)



Hotdog – Zip Jacket ( Neo Japan March ’23)

SOMNIUM – Techwear Pants

NANAO – Cxber Boots.

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