Neo japan event opening soon! 26/03-17/04


R2 – K/E/N Rappa @ NEO Japan March 26th

             <em>- Note: Rigged for Maitreya ONLY. I am wearing the black version. White color 
               included only in FATPACK. Set contains the top, panties and pants.</em>

KMH – Hair F193 Fatpack @ NEO Japan March 26th

             <em>- Note: Unrigged hair. Comes with a mirrored version and 3 different Bangs styles. 
               Fatpack HUD includes exclusive colors.</em>

ZEROICHI – AP-2 Fatpack @ NEO Japan March 26th

             <em>- Note: Comes in 8 different colors. I used the black version in this photo. Copy + 

:::SOLE::: – SA – AH Wing ring 01

            - SA - BT Belt MIKI

            - SA - Pauldron SAP 

            <em>- Note: All items are Mod and can be linked with each other.</em>

Landgraff – Sirius Cyberware Tattoo @ TOKYO ZERO

            <em>- Note: Comes in Gray, Green, Blue, Red, Brown and Black presets, as well as a 
              Tintable version. Each version comes in 2 intensities (Fresh/Faded). Classic BoM 
              and EvoX BoM compatible. I used the Faded Tintable version in this photo.</em>

[Black Cats Creations] – NEW Store Opening GIFT – I used Pose 7 Mirror

             <em>- Note: <strong>NEW STORE OPENING HUNT! </strong>10 little alien monkeys are hidden within all 
               floors of the store, each one containing a pose from the pack (10 total + their 
               mirrored versions). All Fatpacks (Poses and Apparel) are also at 50% discount. 
               Hunt and discount available only this week, and only at the </em><a href="https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peridot%20Island/252/146/21"  ><em><u>inworld store</u></em></a><em>!</em>

::GB:: – Cyber Katana 2019 Right hand (Included in the NEO JAPAN gift pack at Mainstore)

GUTCHI – Cyberpunk 2094 Visors // BLACKS

[LINKRAVE] – LinkHack Gloves

.SULFUR. – Fader Earrings [Swallow Gauged S]

solares – CAT-5 Companion – I used the Black & Orange version.

Photo taken @ Van Francisco Blade Runner sim
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