“To the right and to left,  I look around
Oh, no.  My Heart can’t stop beating fast
Alright, if you think you can find me
Go ahead and try it! Try it! “

Darena Hair – Nyne @ We <3 RP
Blossom Skin – Nonnative Faces
Audrey Brows – Lychee
Sinister Eyes – Avi-Glam @ The Dark Style Fair
Nippon Eyeliner – IDTTY Faces @ Neo-Japan
Kuniko Lips – Alma @ Neo-Japan
Mk1 Collar – Sole
Mk3 Armtech – Sole
Yazu D4R4 Bento Prosthetic Limbs – Contraption @ Neo-Japan
Wraith Protector Outfit – Noble Creations @ We <3 RP
Just Kill Me Scythe – Fallen Arms @ We <3 RP
Samurai Returns Pose – Bauhaus Movement @ Pose Fair

Neo Kappa no Billy – BoildEgg @ Neo-Japan
Neo Signboard – BoildEgg @ Neo-Japan
Taken at District 18

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