Vi wearing (Left side):

Dura – U117(ALL COLORS PACK) @ NEO Japan Event

    <em>- Note: The hair comes in multiple color packs or as a FATPACK. It can be worn in 3 
               styles. Mirrored options included.</em>

[SAC] – MP18 FLUCS Pistol v1.00 FULL Box @ NEO Japan Event

    <em>- Note: Comes in different colors, the attachements on it can be modified via 
               menu. Holsters included. In this photo I am using "Snow".</em>

[The Forge] – Loute Outfit, HUDPACK. @ Equal10

    <em>- Note: This set comes with a texture HUD for customization (HUDPACK only). Can 
               be edited - I edited the top to be transparent.</em>

[NK*] – ‘Back Alley’ Face Aug

    <em>- Note: Comes in 2 separate colors - Black and White. Options for Dark Skin tint or 
               Light Skin tint available. Includes Cable, Cap, Cheek, Forehead, Light, Spike, and                    
              Temple, both for Left and Right side. I am using Cheek L+R and Light L+R.</em>

TETRA – Maple Jacket & Cardigan


.: CORAZON:. – Tattoo YOKAI Black Light :.

Abyss Wearing (Right side):

[monso] – Moni Hair Fatpack @ NEO Japan Event

    <em>- Note: Multiple color packs available, or as a FATPACK. Bangs included in each 
               pack. Abyss is wearing the Blacks HUD with Bangs.</em>

[SAC] – PYTHON .377 Pistol v1.11 Full Box + Shoulder Holster @ NEO Japan Event

[The Forge] – AKUMI JACKET, HUDPACK @ NEO Japan Event

    <em>- Note: This set comes with a texture HUD for customization (HUDPACK only). </em>

Billie Outfit, HUDPACK @ The Fifty Event

    <em>- Note: Set includes Bra, Pants and Harness. HUDPACK allows you to customize 
               each part individually. </em>

.: CORAZON:. – Tattoo YOKAI Light :.

Photo taken @ Cyberpunk Neo Tokyo, Japan – Nibiru
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