Neo Japan is now open and look at this amazing amount of kewl you can buy!. First is this stunning outfit and jaw by Gabriel. Its so smooth and slick. I love the medal details and the cloak is exceptionally awesome. The knee high boots are a welcome edition and are inbuilt into the entire suit. I feel like some futuristic rogue sheriff with this get up on!. Contraption is at Neo Japan with these stunning cyborg arms, which are fully bento and so customizable that you have an alpha HUD in which you can chose to hide certain parts of the arms themselves for wardrobe choices. You can change the glowing decals too, aswell as if you prefer a more matt look instead of metallic. The customizations are massive on these things, aswell as Contraptions Defiance Revolver – also at the event – which boasts custom animations, static and moving aswell as a vast but very navigable HUD for retexuring. So much detail has gone into Contraptions items that you just have to look for yourselves at the Event!. Also at Neo Japan, Ginko made this rather stunning hair, with its usual neat styling and lovely materials. Elsewhere, Nebur Cyborg made this ammo bag accessory which is highly detailed and very customizable too, with a rifle on the side to complete this rather militant look. Thats at Alpha Event right now!.

Close up of the cute hair by Ginko and that amazing chin mask by Gabriel.

Teleport to Neo Japan

Teleport to Alpha Event




 BISON – Chronus Caelum/ Zeus Backdrop


 Nebur Cyborg – Armon Duffel bag ( Alpha Event march ’23)



Hair: GINKO Hair – #93 Hair ( Neo Japan march-april ’23)

Nosebleed: TF – Neseblod EVOX.

Horns: Petrichor – Kii Horns.

Arms: Contraption – EX3K Prosthetic Arms ( Neo Japan march-april ’23)



RAWR – Coil Elf EvoX Earrings.

RAWR – Beliar’s Talons.

Contraption – Defector’s Defiance Revolver ( Neo Japan march-april ’23)



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Outfit incl. Boots and Jaw:

Gabriel – BRSK Coat & Suit. ( Neo Japan march – april ’23)

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