“What should I do?
When this fever of daydream subsides.”

B100 Hair – Dura @ Neo-Japan (Opens March 28th)
Wasteland Face Mask – DRDBelle
Sally Skin – Go&See @ Skin Fair
Natural Eyebrows – Just Magnetized @ Belle
Hali-Gali Ears – Pumec @ Access
Strange Face 2 – Genus Project @ Skin Fair
NJ-Batou Tattoo – Bolson @ Neo-Japan (Opens March 28th)
Odette Overalls – AsteroidBoxKustom9
Rory Boots – AsteroidBoxNeo-Japan (Opens March 28th)
Lunacy Pose – Diversion @ Aenigma

Vagabond Two Campfire – DRD
San Mora Hazardous Trash Bin – DRD
Parking Background – MinimalUber

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