‘ The Field Marshal entered the room with his cane held in his right hand and positioned behind him regally. The subordinate‘s in the room hushed and stared as the tall man sauntered gracefully over to the elegant fireplace. They watched in a quiet awe as he leant to pick up a steaming hot cup of drinking leaves. The Field Marshal lifted the ornate, gothic mug to his lips and silently sipped a small portion. There was a petrified silence as the subjects of the decorated gentleman looked on. He held the soothing liquid in his mouth, brewing it before he swallowed. Then, after what seemed a heard rendering time lapse, the slightest motive; a lift of his dark brow and a upturn of his pale lips and it was with that that the lower’s finally let escape their breath with noticeable joy. No ones head would roll this day. The tea was exceptional…’


SO. Engine Room is at half time! Which means you still got plenty of time to go get some fabulous items. What items do we have this time?. Well, this backdrop from Varonis isn’t just this room – oh no – its an entire rooftop scene with balcony aswell, and my god the materials and lighting are just fkin amazing. You have to see it to believe. The White Crow bought out this cute crow cane that you can whack people over the head with and poke them too, very useful! aha. Antinatural bought out this stunning capelet, and its so detailed. I don’t wanna take it off honestly. ( Please note that the steampunk Mona Lisa picture is NOT part of the backdrop)


Teleport to Engine Room



Varonis – Dornenburg Scene ( Engine Room sept’20)


 Petrichor – Gothic Tea Party Collection
           AsteroidBox – Curious Decor Gatcha


Hair: RavenBell & Contraption – Deck Captain’s Hair short B,

Ears: CerberusXing – Sceleratis Ears

Horns: TRIGGERED – Little Horns/ PRTCTR gatcha

Eyes: Petrichor – Astrid eyes ( Salem sept’ 20)



+AH+ – Gate  bento Piercing

Contraption – Deck Captian’s Cap 9th edition.

kartel – Raven King rings

The White Crow – Senior Crow cane ( Engine Room sept ’20)



Antinatural – Potestas Capelet ( Engine Room sept ’20)

toksik – Gakuran suit

kunst – Knox Boots Vinyl ( Neo-japan sept ’20)


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