-ATTIC- – Cat and Tivi Head @ NEO Japan

    <em>- Note: 2 version of this head included: A cat version and a regular one. Each 
               comes in 6 colors and the screen is HUD driven. 6 Broken TV's furniture also 

BONDI – Tamabondi Drone . Fatpack @ NEO Japan

    <em>- Note: This drone is a holdable item - but can also be rezzed as an object. 2 
               versions via HUD - one with the top part open and another with it closed (Both 
               options shown in photo). HUD also includes an array of texture to choose from, 
               with 3 Fatpack exclusive colors.</em>

solares – Danbo Puppy @ NEO Japan

    <em>- Note: Companion that comes with an animation menu. The cardboard box can 
               be deactivated. Also has sounds when you pet him, or he can howl.</em>

ZEROICHI – FLB backdrop mod package @ NEO Japan

    <em>- Note: This floating backdrop comes in 2 options, High and Low, both with the 
               options of having lights or no lights. Contains the main body object, the staircase 
               and a ground sheet alpha that you have to move if you'll alter the position of the 
               backdrop. </em>

#DWHITE – BaDaSs CAP Silver – I used PSYCHO limited edition option.

    <em>- Note: This cap comes in 9 basic colors, and an extra 3 limited edition ones. The 
               metals come in gold or silver.</em>

              - ERROR LEGGINGS FATPACK - I used the Purple option

    <em>- Note: These shiny leggings come in 7 colors and are rigged to Legacy and 
               Maitreya ONLY.</em>


    <em>- Note: Both Faded and Fresh options included in the pack. Can be worn as Full 
               Body, just on legs, or just the upper part. </em>

SEKA’s – SuperBAD FATPACK + SuperBAD Choker (Gift) – not in photo @ Whore Couture

         - Tube Crop FATPACK @ <a href="http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Liberty%20City/128/121/32"  ><u>Kinky Event</u></a> 

         - Thigh High Leg FATPACK - Wearing it on Left leg

Un.Plugged Shoulder FATPACK

         - Rebel Wrap FATPACK

         - Hand Wrap FATPACK

         - Klaw

         - Caged Waist

         - Gladiator Leg - Used the KNEE

    <em>- Note: All of these items come with a texture HUD for maximum customization. All 
               items are also edit, so you can make sure to get the perfect fir for your outfits.</em>

-DRD- – Sticker Stompers – Colors

.Sunniva. – Cyberpunk Body Wires

Semller & Hiemal – Basic Socks Vol 1.

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