::GB:: Arhat gacha@Neo JAPAN

4.::GB:: Arhat jacket / Kurenai
1.::GB:: Arhat Mask RARE
7.::GB:: Zip Lether pants / Black
15.::GB::Arhat Necklace / Light wood
Air_Yasha horns (wear&touch)_@NEO JAPAN
Air_Yasha (horn A)_red+silver_CM

.Shi : AIRO Geta / Unisex . DRed@Neo JAPAN

kosmii :: Cyber Wagasa [hex]@Neo JAPAN

.Shi Hair : Eirene / Unisex .  ALL@Uber
::GB:: Fingeless gloves (Signature) BlacK

K-tarsis Tattoo: Samurai 03@Neo JAPAN

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