1.::GB:: Yasha Haori jacket / RARE@ Neo JAPAN

15.::GB:: Cyber Yasha Mask (resize) Silver / Red@ Neo JAPAN

17.::GB:: Rin Necklace / Siver @ Neo JAPAN

5.::GB:: Yasha Robo Pants / BLACK @ Neo JAPAN

9.::GB:: Yasha boots / BLACK / GRAY @ Neo JAPAN

13.::GB:: Yasha Katana BAG / BLACK @ Neo JAPAN

[ContraptioN] Appliers: GPK44 Prosthetic Neck *???* BOXED @Neo JAPAN



[AiiZawa] Neo-Kusanagi 1.0 @NEO JAPAN

Culprit Dango Bike SOLO @Neo JAPAN


14.::GB:: Cyber Yasha Mask (resize) Black / Red @ Neo JAPAN

6.::GB:: Yasha boots / BLACK / RED @ Neo JAPAN

10.::GB:: Yasha Katana BAG (Belleza) @ Neo JAPAN

2.::GB:: Yasha Robo Pants / RED @ Neo JAPAN

1.::GB:: Yasha Haori jacket / RARE @ Neo JAPAN

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