It is said that couples who are too similar to each other are less likely to last. Inspired by that concept and the hypnotic golden cloth of the gemini saint in Saint Seiya, i decided to recreate his iconic technique “Another Dimension”. Are you being controlled or controlling someone? Are you the master or the subject? Maybe this whole thought is part of the trap itself.

♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡
Butanik83 / Cybernetic Bonze Kasa (Hat)
POISON ROUGE / Possession Collar
Gloom / Yako Collection Eyes

V-TECH / Microkini @Mainstore

♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡
hair: wasabi / april & barberyumyum / bangs (e)
lips: mudskin / creamy
tattoo: dappa / hentai

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