Head: @Catwa – Stanley Bento Head
Body: @Belleza – Jake Mesh Body (Sand)
Skin: @RAONHAUSEN – Nobuo [Catwa] (Sand) *NEW!* Available NOW at @Commotion Event
Ears: @L’Etre – Basic Mesh ears 2018
Tattoo: @DAPPA – Kagami Tattoo. *NEW!* Available NOW at @NEO Japan
Eye detail: @TWC – Enhanced eyes (Spikes Red) *NEW!* Available NOW at @NEO Japan
Pants: @RKKN – Hooligan Combat Pants 
Beret: @Epia – Comando Beret
Gun: Found for free on marketplace. 
Arms: @ContraptioN – SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arm
Spine cameras: @ContraptioN – Hy-dr4 Augment 
Accessories: @:::SOLE::: – GRPE gacha *NEW!* Available NOW at @NEO Japan
:::SOLE::: GRPE – CArm (Black) (Unrigged)
:::SOLE::: GRPE – Charged Collar (Black) (Unrigged)
:::SOLE::: GRPE – CLeg – Lara base (Black) (Unrigged)
:::SOLE::: GRPE – Harness CM (Black) (Unrigged)
:::SOLE::: GRPE – Harness EX (Black) (Unrigged)
:::SOLE::: GRPE – Headset (Black) (Unrigged)
:::SOLE::: GRPE -Riv Belt-EX (Black) (Unrigged)
Most of the accessories are from GRPE gacha from SOLE, which is available on this NEO Japan round. This set was made for the female body Maytreia – Lara and Belleza – Freya, but it has several items that are unrigged, so it was possible to adjust to my male body and also makes it possible for it to be adapted to any other body, male or female. I believe only 3 items in this set are rigged for the bodies I mentioned (Lara and Freya). Keep in mind that it was made for female bodies, so it needs some editing to fit into male bodies and the parts that are rigged do not fit the male body, however this set is incredible and of an indescribable quality.
Used on this post: 1 (neck), 32 (right ear), 23 (chest), 17 (waist), 12 (waist), 19 (arms) and 21 (legs)
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