Neo-Japan is approaching its half time so you have still got time to go and have a peak at how amazing this event is this round. I have always loved these Dragons from Aii, they move so beautifully and interact with one another ( they are not for Neo japan but well worth the mention) they are a rare gatcha item, you can get single dragons as commons but the brothers are harder to get ;-). Items that are for Neo-japan are this outfit from Toksik, oh man, its beautiful and very militant. The cape just finishes it off perfectly. The backdrop from Paleto is a city night scape scene that I am using only a section here….its stunning. The Hair from Monso is well styled and gives the real oriental/warrior look. And lastly but not least is the Oni mask by Exalted, and it is amazingly detailed with color options to boot. Great stuff, stay tuned for more. 

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 Paleto – CITY -x23 ( Neo japan sept ’20)


 Aii – Fierce Dragon Brothers RARE.



Hair: Monso – Ryo Hair ( Neo Japan sept ’20)

Ears: Random Matter – Junee Ears

Eyes: Petrichor – Astrid eyes (Salem sept ’20)


ExalteD – Oni Mask ( Neo Japan sept ’20)

CerberusXing – Kishin Bindi

CerberusXing – Conjuration Set.



toksik – Invasion outfit & cape ( Neo Japan sept ’20)


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