HairDura-B102-HAIR @NEO-Japan Sept. 2020

Crown[ContraptioN] The Dethroned Crown

Facetatoo/-VALKYR-/ Fury Face Paint


EyesGloom. – Emperor Collection @NEO-Japan Sept. 2020

Lipstick Zibska Ans Lips @NEO-Japan Sept. 2020

BodytattooTHIS IS WRONG Engine @Engine Room

Snake-Necklace/-VALKYR-/ Venomous Pet Iridescent Special

Beaded Necklace[Gild] long beaded necklace

Chestarmor – REKT_NEO chest GOLD @NEO-Japan Sept. 2020

GloveHARO Urban Ghost Gloves

Snake holdablehive // my pet snake black . bento hold @Kustom9

Cloak&Fur Aii Mortal Harvest Mantle

PantsAsteroidBox. Lennox Outfit @NEO-Japan Sept. 2020

Katana&Sashtaikou / katana sash @MenCave

Silver DragonRezzRoom

Golden DragonAii Golden Dragon + {egosumaii} (Gacha)

FeathersAir_Ciel feathers

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