“You know it’s all a lie
And it makes me wanna cry
And I do feel alone
While I don’t need to be alone”
Clay (On the left)
S12 Hair – DP Yumyum
Man Wol Skin  (Makeup 5) – Mudskin @ Neo-Japan
Futuristic Lab Coat – Hotdog @ Neo-Japan
Oriax Cybernetic Hands – Antinatural

Me (On the right):
Zero Hair – Monso @ Neo-Japan
Man Wol Skin (Makeup 1) – Mudskin @ Neo-Japan
Yako Eyes – Gloom @ Neo-Japan
Ichiho Eyelashes – Wednesday
Crusties Ears – Swallow
Baby Face – Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Futuristic Lab Coat – Hotdog @ Neo-Japan
Amai Nails – Jam & ED @ Neo-Japan
Playground Pose – Space Cadet @ Flourish
Formaldehyde Background – Anxiety

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