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◉ Wearing

– Head

Lelutka – Kane Head [x]

Dura – B106 Hair @ Neo Japan [x]

Gloom – Kitsune Eyes @ Neo Japan [x]

Euthanasia – Vitaliy Scar [x]

[Conviction] Essential Eyebags [x]

[Mandala] – Stretched Ears ELF [x]

Haro – Fogwood Amigasa Hat @ Neo Japan [x]

[TWS] – Yoshi Mask @ Neo Japan [x]

[Contraption] – GPK44 Prosthetic Neck @ Neo Japan [x]

– Body / Clothes

[Val’More] – Takuya LongCoat @ Neo Japan [x]

Odachi – Shinobi Gloves [x]

Mossu – Combat Pants [x]

– Accesories

[Body Factory] – Katana Sword [x]

Rezz Room – Kistsune Animesh Companion @ Neo Japan [x]

[TheDeadBoy] – Futura Knife @The Warehouse Sale Event [x]

– Backdrop

PALETO – OSK-88 Backdrop @ Neo Japan [x]


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