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NEO JAPAN is finally here!

Open now till 22 April ’18, NEO JAPAN is a bi-annual event featuring some of Second Life’s most established designers.

Click the following NEO JAPAN links for more info:-


[IN THIS PIC for NEO JAPAN March ’18]


➵ Set includes 17 pieces
➵ 4 Piers ( + 1 with poses)
➵ Shed
➵ Pier Walk
➵ Fluvial boat ( + 1 with poses)
➵ Rope Wood Light Pole ( + 1 in separate parts)
➵ Paper Lamp
➵ Watermelon Basket
➵ Wooden Box


➵ 73 Land Impact



● NEO Gacha Collection
➵ 37-piece collection (Includes 1 Rare Skybox)
➵ Each item comes in 4 colour options: Red, White, Green, Blue
➵ Each colour option to collect separately

● No. 16 Neo Flag Stand in Red (pictured here in the left corner of main house deck)


➵ 16-item collection (Includes 1 Rare table/chair set)
➵ Some items include 2 or more colour options
➵ Each colour option to collect separately

● DOKODEMO KOAGARI-BAMBOO TSUITATE SCREEN (IN RED) ➵ Other colours include Black, Gold & Silver



▶ {LANDSCAPING — cliffs, Trees & beach}
● FANATIK ARCHITECTURE Rocky Mountains in Summer
● STUDIO SKYE Beach Building Set beach sand, rocks, waves & beach sign
● STUDIO SKYE Windswept Tress
● HAYABUSA DESIGN Botanic Tree M15 tf-1a (orange tree in foreground)

▶ {Pier Decor}
● ARISKEA Porcelain Stack of Surfboards (in far end shed)➵ *Gacha Item
● [WE’RE CLOSED] Life Buoy (on pier and on pole)
● BAZAR Crete Basket 2 (near wooden boxes in second shed)
● SOY Shitamachi Alley Garden gacha collection Potted Plant D, E & F (on middle pier)
● SOY Glass Fishing Floats Crate and individual floats with nets (on middle pier)
● BAZAR Crete Baskets 1 & 3 (on middle pier)
● DUVET DAY FURNITURE & DECOR Lofty Heights Basket (on middle pier) | COSMOPOLITAN March ’18➵* Gacha item
● RIVIVAL Rustic Bench 2

▶ {MAIN HOUSE DECK — from left}
[ KEKE ] Nirvana Pouf 2 cushions in Floral
[ KEKE ] Nirvana Chair Wood in Arabic and Floral (far right)
● [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE Shigaraki Tanuki animal figurines (beside chair and under cinder block)
● CULPRIT Tsukabai stone water feature with water scoop
● PLAAKA Water Lilies Brick Pond➵ *Gacha Item
● MORGAN SIM DESIGNS Cinder Box Planters with flowers (on both sides of white cinder block bench)
● [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE Suzukaze No.9 Kingyo -Kuro- (Gold fish / Black)*➵ Gacha item
[ KEKE ] Nirvana Incense Bowl in Pearl
● ELI BAILY Ivy creeper vines

▶ {BUDDHA POND — from left}
● YUM YUM Ivy Vertical Garden panels with ivy leaves (against wall)
● JOMO Buddha Statue D
● STUDIO SKYE Water (under Buddha)
● TROMPE LOEIL Kumotori Stone Pathway Lantern
● YUM YUM Vine in Yellow

● APPLE FALL Fulwood Collection Aspidistra in Wicker Planter leafy plant | UBER March ’18
MUDHONEY DESIGNS Layla Cabinet in White
● RIVIVAL Convent Bench II (against glass window)
● FANCY DECOR Classic Modern Soft (in inner room) | RED LIGHT DISTRICT March ’18
● SOY Metal Platform Bed (on second floor)
● (LUC) Boutique Whispering Ginkgo wall relief in Bronze (above bed) | COSMOPOLITAN March ’18
● DUST BUNNY Papasan Chair in White Wood
● CERBERUSXING Juniper Bonsai

Click here for a music link.

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