“You can die anytime, but living takes true courage.”

-Kenshin Himura 


~  ::Zeroichi ~ Shinobi Street Backdrop Mod package @  NEO JAPAN

~  :.: CORAZON ~Tattoo  KOAI Light Tone  @  NEO JAPAN
~  [The Forge] Sakura Kimono HUDPACK (ncluding 6 pieces in total: Boots, Kimono, Overshroud, Belt, Sleeves and Collar. All HUD compatibale with upto 28 textures total, including Prints and a lace. All items can be worn seperately. Rigged For: Legacy / Perky / Ebody / maitreya / Juicy Boobs) @  NEO JAPAN
~  [TNK x TRV] ~ SHINOBI KUNAI Animated Super weapon comes with a lot of optiond and combat anims @  NEO JAPAN


~  *N*Sakura ~ Kanzashi pink @  MAINSTORE

~  *N**N*Sakura ~ Shidare Set @  MAINSTORE

~  Hayabusa Design ~ Sakura with 3D Flower

NOTE: Please TRY DEMO before purchase.

Head ~ Lelutka Evolution X
~ Body ~ Legacy 

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