Remember that innocent girl who just wanted a ride? This is her now, feel old yet? She didn’t get the help she needed so she decided BEING it. Now she’s ruthless and will get whatever she wants without a doubt. Okay, maybe only one or two. But she’s pretty cool still. Don’t mess with her.

♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡
[MARUSHIN] / Tourist Spot of Edo2050 (Mask) GACHA
::SOLE:: / Time Rifter (Backpack, Collar and Armtechs) GACHA
Kokoro / Tenten Poses w. Shuriken
Mister Razzor / Ken Tattoo
ALMA / Japan Makeup

♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡
hair: truth / zahlee
outfit: mogul / ayek leotard SALE

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