“Let’s dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let’s dance”

Yukkiko Hair – Ayashi – Neo-Japan (Opens March 28th)
Juice Demon Horns – The Horror
Kim Skin – Bold & Beauty @ Skin Fair
Cross Shade Glasses – Seka
Charm Ears – Swallow
Harajuku Earrings – Ersch
Strange 1 Head – Genus Project @ Skin Fair
Legacy Body
NeoGlitch Collar – Seka
Takeshi Tattoo – TAOX @ Skin Fair
Isolate Top & Pants – Toksik @ Neo-Japan (Opens March 28th)
Prosthetic Arm Cap – Kosmii @ Neo-Japan (Opens March 28th)
Metamorphose/2077 Power Glove – Antinatural
Geta Boots – Gabriel
Let The Beat Drop Pose – Bauhaus Movement
StarDust Backdrop – Varonis

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