In this issue you will find our designers’ featured BOM products. I am tempted to say resistance is futile. There is also a special feature of the Top Eight Winners of Neo-Japan Event Photo Contest(September-October 2019 event round)! Congrats winners!! As always, I am proud to have the support of the best Designers, Photographers and Stylists, contributing their time and expertise to present fresh new photography works for each issue.

On our cover is Cerberus (Kamayari Resident), designer-owner of |CerberusXing|he threshold of hell in Second Life is sure to test your Lust and Greed, and maybe more of the seven sins, as you stand in a treasure trove of top quality original creations. Cerberus is a fierce artist and businessman, providing his chosen niches a massive selection of creations to embellish their dark fantasy roleplay characters. It is an honour to have you with L’Homme all these years, thank you Cerb!

Readers’ Group Gifts – We thank our generous designers for the group gifts prepared for this issue.


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Cover: CerberusXing (kamayar)
Photographer: Skip Staheli

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