LOOK Oikawa Tooru:

::GB:: BRSK Suit  (Belleza) Black @Neo Jaapan

[Z O O M] Gleen H. Hat

SAC Shin Gen4-17 Pistol v1.05(L) BLACK

/ HEAD / lel EvoX TAE 3.1


LOOK Júlia Pariz Tooru:

::GB:: BRSK Suit (F) (Reborn) White @Neo Japan

POISON ROUGE Iseah Cap Black/Gold

SAC PIP VIPER Pistol v1.01(R) GOLD

Pose:SAC DETONICS_07M_2022

  2-Items@The Warehouse Sale

Stealthic – Havoc (S Head/L Breast)

/ HEAD / lel EvoX UBON 3.1


-ATTIC- Abandoned Train Wreck @Neo Japan

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