Hair: Dura B-100
Skin: Stray Dog – Jun (Tone 4)
Face Tattoo: *Bolson / Batou
Facial Hair: ((Mister Razzor)) Brock
Face chain: RichB. Temka Face Chain
Ears: E.A. Studio Kanji Ears (Rare)
Headphones: Luas Madness Headphone (Blue)
Collar: :::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma Unit RB collar (Black)
Backpack: :::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma Unit Backpack (White)
Arm Accessory: :::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma Unit Armtech (Black/White)
Jacket: [Val’More] – Keisatsu Coat (Black)
Rings: L’Emporio&PL::*Elements*::
Background: Ex Machina – Tokyo After Dark 3 
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