Skin: MUDSKIN – Komatsu – FATPACK
+ MUDSKIN – Komatsu – AJI
Makeup (Lip): MUDSKIN – Komatsu Lip – FATPACK

Hair: [monso] Suni Hair
Face Augs: Neo Kitsch Shop / [NK] ‘Back Alley’ Face Augs (FATPACK)
+ [NK
] ‘Back Alley’ Face Aug Cheek R (Black)
+ [NK] ‘Back Alley’ Face Aug Temple R (Black)
Earrings 1: Neo Kitsch Shop /[NK
] Virtual Angel “Demon” Earring (R Black/Chrome)
Jacket: [AYO] Kumi // Fatpack
+ [Ayo] Kumi // Jacket Fatpack
Pants: Hotdog – Active vinyl capri . Fatpack
Armtechs: :::SOLE::: FBC Kit (MEGA Pack)
+ :::SOLE::: FBC Kit Armtech (Fat Pack)
Octo Mech Arms: REKT_Octo mech Arms
Claws: Afterparty – Clapperclaw

@The Warehouse Sale
Fangs Piercing: [Yomi] Angel Fangs Piercing
Earrings 2: Garmonbozia – Lyn earrings FATPACK
+ Garmonbozia – Lyn earrings BONUS

Pose: Poseidon Adventurer
+ Adventurer 2
Head: LeLUTKA Ceylon Head 3.1
Belts: ERSCH – Max Belts MAITREYA – F A T P A C K
Gloves: Eliavah ~ Hawkeye Gloves [Bento] □Neck Tattoo: Nebur Cyborg / [N.c] – Verox Tattoo

Backdrop: ZEROICHI FLB backdrop mod package

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