Mesh Head (BENTO): CATWA HEAD Catya
Skin (Applier): [700] Blooming gacha (catwaeye) @The Seasons Story NEW!
+ [700] Blooming gacha RARE2 (Hanaskin)(catwa)
Face Tattoo: :: Axix:: Lovely Face Wounds @Blush NEW!
Tattoo: DAPPA – Hinshu Tattoo. @NEO JAPAN NEW!
Nail: chocolate atelier ::c.A.:: Raija [nail] @NEO JAPAN NEW!
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Kula @NEO JAPAN NEW!
Hair Piece: [CX] Cascading Peony (Gold) RARE
Hair Bells: [CX] Tsurine Bells 2018 (Gold) @The Seasons Story NEW!
Hair Fan: [CX] War Fan (Fatpack)
Collar: [CX] Enthrall Collar (Black+Maitreya)
Bodysuits: Aii The Ugly & Beautiful
+ + Armored Liless Suit (Onyx Chainmail) + {aii} @Finders Keepers NEW!
Kimono : :..Silvery K..:Slip-on Kimono NEW!
Umbrella: kosmii :: Cyber Wagasa [sector] @NEO JAPAN NEW!
Sword: [The Forge] Plasmoid Katana. @NEO JAPAN NEW!

Cherryblossom Tree: 8f8 – silent conversations Gacha
+ 8f8 – silent conversations – Sakura Tree RARE

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