Cyber fair is full swing and you can grab yourselves some real nice futuristic goodies like these amazing Cyber Halo’s by Kokoro. There are 9 to chose from and all come in a static or a spinning version. They are spectacular, and make for a striking accessory. How about having some pants that glow?. These are by IMPACTS and you can chose to have this part of the pants glowing or not and chose its color. These Mech arms by Bison are epic, and detailed. I love that you can chose the material lighting too so they appear to reflect some inward light. Mea Tenebra bought out this cool visor, it comes in two versions; this one which pulses and another which fades in and out in RGB. The Backdrop is by The Bearded Guy and is called Techno Times. It isnt short in glowing parts and ominous flickering screens. Lastly this amazing tattoo by This is Wrong, with added materials it looks like someone has scored into your skin this neat pattern. Comes in many colors!. All this and more at Cyber fair!. 


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The Bearded Guy – Techno Times Backdrop ( Cyber Fair March ’23)


 Kokoro – Halo Cyber Pack.



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Hair: Dura – B128 ( Alpha Event march ’23)

All over tattoo: This is Wrong – High Tech tattoo. ( Cyber Fair march ’23)

Horns: Europa – Maelus Horns

Arms: BISON – T1 Mech Arms. ( Cyber Fair March ’23)



Mea Tenebra – ERROR ( Cyber Fair March ’23)

RAWR – Outcast Elf Earrings



IMPACTS – Turok Pants ( Cyber Fair March ’23)

Phedora – Tyler Unisex boots.

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