After staring at origami directions long enough, you sort of become one with them and start understanding them from the inside.

~ It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’ve been busy with RL work. I’m not saying I’m back with blogging for good, but I cant say no to Neo Japan’s Event. Yes! They are back again and they will be open in few hours (27th of March – 18th of April 2021).


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

~See you at Neo Japan Event and grab these items:

HEAD ACCESSORY – Tentacio *Spirit of the Past Headpiece (Flowers & Pin).
MASK – Tentacio *Spirit of the Past Mask.
OUTFIT – Luas *Tatsuo Outfit.
CYBORG ARM – Luas *Bento Arm.
POSE & PROP – Kokoro *Hinata (Bento AO). Kunai Props included.
BACKDROP – Paleto *OSK-88 Backdrop.

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