Lost – Natsukashii Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @Neo Japan New!
Tableau Vivant // Akito hair @Neo Japan New!
Tableau Vivant \\ Catwa hairbase M2 – A @Neo Japan New!
::GB::Acalantha Hodie (Signature) @Neo Japan New!
::GB::Leather strap vest (Signature) Black @Neo Japan New!
::GB::Acalantha jacket (Signature) @Neo Japan New!
::GB:: Ilon sword (Body belt with)  (Signature) @Neo Japan New!
::GB::Leather strap pants (Signature) Black @Neo Japan New!
::GB::Buckle sneakers (Signature) Black & White @Neo Japan New!

WRONG – Bento Static Male Poses – 39 @Neo Japan New!

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