Body Paint – [] @Harajuku – Neva Body Paint
(thinys that make it look i havent eaten in days?) – TF:@EngineRoom Machinist (F) :: Chest – Medium (BoM) 100%
Fae paitns – Harana – Painted Lady – Red // All
Dragon – [Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Dark (Companion)
Bandages – [omnis] Bandages -HG Petite-
Shoulder pad – [Val’More] – Sci-fi Combat – Shoulder Left


Hair – River Hair [F2] [Slim face] Mirror
Necklace – ::GB:: Cyber Ashura Necklace (White) Legacy
Pants – ::GB:: Cyber Ashura Pants (Legacy) Black
Katana – =Zenith=Misato Yukata Katana (B) – 2
Robe – UNA. Mulan (Petite)
Mask&hat – Zibska Inner


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