Mask: TANAKA (Marketplace . Flickr) Jeff Cross #7 (Jeff Gacha) @ Salem September 26th – October 31st

Donnie: TANAKA (Marketplace . Flickr) DONNIE Bones #15 RARE (DONNIE Gacha) @ The Arcade October 7th – October 31st

Sweater: TANAKA (Marketplace . Flickr) Soft Sweater (Gianni . Jake . Legacy) @ Anthem October 3rd – October 30th

Pants: TANAKA (Marketplace . Flickr) Technwear Pants @ Man Cave September 17th – October 11th

Hair: DURA (Marketplace . Blog) B102 Hair @ NEO-Japan (Blog) September 26th – October 18th

Hand Tattoo: rotten – Pure Pain Hand Tattoo @ The Warehouse Sale September 23rd – October 19th

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Freetown Forest Backdrop @ Collabor88 October 8th – November 6th

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