Another Neo-Japan post?!. Yes!. Like i said in my previous post, there is sooo much at Neo-Japan and I can’t get enough xD. You guys HAVE to check out these marionette’s from HARO, oh my they are super creepy but so cool!. They are animated and move along with your fingers. You can get several types too. The outfit is by Hilu, and its so wonderfully different!. Sorta half orient and half dracula style. So unique. The surround and props are at Neo Japan too and they are part of Codex’s Traditional Dojo Gatcha. The rare is a massive Dojo building and its so cool.

  Also some other note worthy items are in the close-up below – Petrichor’s impressive Astrid eyes which are at Salem, these things are intense, and are animated too with different spinning patterns you can choose. There are even options to change the type of eyeshine. So good. And L’emporio’s beautiful Agadez necklace which suits the whole oddity theme here which is at Man Cave this round.

Teleport to Neo Japan

Teleport to Salem

Teleport to Man Cave.



 Codex – Karate DOJO RARE/Traditional Dojo gatcha ( Neo japan sept ’20)


 Codex – Traditional Dojo Gatcha items ( Neo japan sept ’20)
           HARO – Bento Marionette ( Neo Japan sept ’20)



Hair: Volthair – Oliver

Ears: CerberusXing – Sceleratis Ears

Horns: CerberusXing – Apis Horns ( Necrosis event sept ’20)

Tattoo: Dappa – Budai Tattoo

Claws: L’emporio&PL – Oblio Vampire claws

Eyes: Petrichor – Astrid eyes (Salem sept ’20)


+AH+ – Gate Piercing

The White Crow – Thirst septum

L’emporio&PL – Agadez Necklace (Man cave sept ’20)



+HILU+ Portrait male ( Neo Japan sept ’20)



( Close up of those eyes from Petrichor and the fab necklace from L’emporio )


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