“In a fight, your doubt is a target of enemy’s attack.”


~  [SAC] ~ Mk.46 Mod.0 SAW v2.08B Full Box (Squad Automatic Weapon + Kneel Animation comes with weapon)  TP to NEO JAPAN
~  R2 K/E/N Rappa Outfit (Rigged for Maitreya / Mod)  TP to NEO JAPAN
~  Gloom. ~ Isekai Collection Eyes (35 Colors, BOM, Omega and Lelutka Appliers / S/M Sizes)  TP to NEO JAPAN
~  Gloom. ~ Isekai Collection Eyes Animated Animesh Add-on BOREAL (10 Different amazing animated eyes Add-ons)  TP to NEO JAPAN
~  KMH ~ Hair F193 Fatpack / Bags 1 (Resize)  TP to NEO JAPAN

~  R2 K/E/N Kaina Arms Black (Rigged for Maitreya / Mod)

NOTE: Please TRY DEMO before purchase.

Head ~ Lelutka Evolution X
~ Body ~ Legacy

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