“Didn’t your mother teach you not to play with fire
Caught you red-handed, shoulda been a better liar!
I’ll make you burn like the ashes of your cigarette
Didn’t your mother teach ya’? I’ll be the one to teach ya’

Brookie Hair – Runaway
Kanjiro – E.A. Studio @ Neo-Japan
Blossom Skin – Nonnative
Eura Ears – Random Matter
Nippon Eyeshadow – IDTTY Faces  @ Neo-Japan
Nippon Lashes – IDTTY Faces @ Neo-Japan
Kokoro Lipstick – IDTTY Faces @ Neo-Japan
Kirin Choker – Air @ Neo-Japan
Yuna Top Belt & Pants – Meva @ Neo-Japan
Sole Bento Mesh Nails – Slack Girl
Metal & Leather Rings – RK.A
Moment Wait Pose (modified) – K&S Poses

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