Hey guys!. I am so proud and excited to be a blogger for Neo-Japan this round. Neo-japan is a huge bi-yearly event that hosts a multitude of amazing designers that come together to create items along the theme of the urban/ futuristic orient. This time it is going to be an absolute beauty I can tell you. The items up for grabs are insane. Neo- Japan starts on the 26th of September, so dont go rushing there just yet!. Amoungst the items I have chosen to use for this pre-event post are AsteroidBox’s Lennox outfit, which as you can see is pretty fucking stunning. I chose to make it all white in theme with the whole angel-esque aesthetic. I know the creator quite well, and he hand drew the dragon designs on the jacket and sleeves x.x. I was so impressed. It looks so good, and as per usual there are many many color options. 

Another item to look forward too is this bold and stunning tattoo which you can see just peaking out from the outfit, onto my chin. This is Dappa’s beautiful ink of course, and its called Ryuk. The last item for Neo-Japan i have to show off in this post is Gloom’s fantastic Emperor eye set. ( Please look at the close up below!. They are amazing and beautiful ). These are just three of the many many items that will be available on the 26th of september. More to showcase soon!. 


Teleport to Neo-Japan ( Does not open till the 26th!)



 Sempiternal – The Temple

Effects/ Halo:

 Cole’s Corner – Soul Reaper



Hair: Dura – U107 ( TMD sept ’20)

Ears: CerberusXing – Sceleratis Ears

Horns: Cureless – Nephilim Horns

Tattoo: Dappa – Ryuk Tattoo ( Neo Japan ’20 )

Face tattoo: Vegas tattoo –  Beloved Rebel. ( Harajuku event sept ’20)

Eyes: Gloom – Emperor Collection ( Neo Japan ’20)

Wings: M.O.R – Avia Wings



+AH+ – Gate Piercing

kartel – Ewan bento rings

Rawr – Flared Septum Piercing.



AsteroidBox – Lennox outfit ( Neo Japan sept’ 20 )

Gabriel – White Cloak ( From Cloak Suit )


(Close up of those fab Emperor eyes by Gloom. These are just two options, but there are many and each one is so stunning. Notable mention to the face tattoo which is by Vegas Tattoo!, and suits this theme decently )


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