Hair1.Olive. the Sci-Fi Hair // Split 1

Hair 2Vango. Ivan

Hair 3{aii} Hair Addon Example 3


Eyebrowsvioletta. Yaksha HD Eyesbrows (Lelutka Evo/EvoX) @NeoJapanEvent March 2022

Third EyeRichB. Anja Eye

Facepaint 1violetta. Shutendouji makeup v1 @NeoJapanEvent March 2022

Facepaint 2polar<3bunny. nekomata face paint

Headjews cinphul // diode [kanzashi set] @NeoJapanEvent March 2022

Hornsvioletta. Demon Horns (EvoXUV) @NeoJapanEvent March 2022

TattooLilithe‚// Uzume Tattoos – Fresh

Shoulder and Backarmpieces.Evil Baby. – Daikichi @NeoJapanEvent March 2022

Sleeve[NC] – Mistery Man – Sleeves Left – Legacy (Total Dark)

Clothing[HEIKE] Dragon Force @NeoJapanEvent March 2022

Banglescinphul // tilt [bangles] @TheWarehouseSale March2022

FanNANAO // Cyber Fan // Black @NeoJapanEvent March 2022

Bakground.:BISON:. Chronus Caelum – Zeus Backdrop @NeoJapanEvent March 2022

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