– fashion –

R2 K/E/N Rappa Bottom[Meta Pink]Maitreya@NEO JAPAN

R2 K/E/N Rappa Bra[Meta Pink]Maitreya@NEO JAPAN

R2 K/E/N Rappa Crotch – Maitreya@NEO JAPAN

[monso] Moni Hair for NeoJapan@NEO JAPAN

BONDI . Tamabondi Drone .@NEO JAPAN

R2 K/E/N Tekkou L[Meta Pink]Maitreya@R2 Mainstore

R2 K/E/N Tekkou R[Meta Pink]Maitreya@R2 Mainstore

– Decor –

*ZEROICHI* FLB High (light) mod@NEO JAPAN


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[Val’More] – Aniamist Samurai – AllPack @NEO JAPAN[Rezz Room] Three Headed Dragon Giant  @Neo JAPAN