~Body~ = [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body


~Shirt~ = [Gild] Rib tank with arm cover ~NEW~ @Ironwood
~Pants~ = RKKN. Remi’s Pants
~Sneakers~ = [VALE KOER] „REFINED“


~Katana~ = [The Forge] Vyper Katana ~NEW~ @NEO-Japan Event
~Helmet~ = Butanik83 – Ex-PRT Helmet ~NEW~ @NEO-Japan Event
~Arms~ = [ContraptioN] Vazu-d4r4 Prosthesis ~NEW~ @NEO-Japan Event
~Pose~ = [ 3M ] mens pose ~NEW~ @NEO-Japan Event
~Arm~ = [ContraptioN] SK3LET0

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