Hair: eXxEsS – Arahnia (Breeze & Materials enabled) , at mainstore.

Horns: PUNCH – Devil at mainstore.

Eyes: CHAT NOIR – CN Eye 001 (Eye Applier for GENUS / OMEGA) at Neo-Japan SL Event , 28th September to 20th October, 2019.
Neo-Japan SL Event Website:
Neo-Japan SL Event Discord:

Face Piercings: THE WHITE CROW – -[TWC]- Mad Dog Bridge Slv (-[TWC]- Mad Dog — unisex unrigged piercings + face tattoos. Face appliers includes OMEGA / CATWA / LELUTKA / GENUS / LAQ / ETC.) , at Man Cave Event September 17th to October 11th, 2019.

Face Piercing: +HILU+ – IKIGARI Face Chain P(GAKI) Silver , at mainstore.

Mask: THE WHITE CROW – -[TWC]- Silent Eye GAG -Red Blood- at mainstore.

Nipples: NOCHE. – Mesh Nipples 2019, ( Includes Main HUD for customization of nipple color/tint/gloss/ , and a Mini HUD for quick access to hide/show. Belleza Jake/Signature Gianni/Signature Geralt/TheMeshProject Male/unrigged 1 size.), at Noche. Mainstore OR Marketplace

Nipple Piercings: NOCHE. – Nipple Piercing Set 1 (Includes HUD for Texture Change and Hide/Show options), at Noche. Mainstore OR Marketplace

Outift with gloves: HILU – Kuchidori (red4) , mainstore.

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